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Build a custom gift box – Extra Large

Follow the steps below to create a treat box that is as unique as its recipient.  This includes 9 items.

Email Rachel to include any company branded/personal items at no additional charge.

Note: (Not visible on storefront)

  1. Do not change/remove the product options. Otherwise, new variants cannot be generated
  2. Do not remove duplicated products manually. Otherwise, you may corrupt the bundle
  3. Deleting or turning this bundle product to draft will stop the bundle from working.
  4. Each variant is a bundle built by a customer, this means that deleting variants will prevent that customer from checking out.

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    Select your gift box

    Choose from our variety of different themed gift boxes.

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    Select your items

    Select your preferred items from the categories below.

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    Add to cart

    Add your custom gift to the cart and proceed to checkout.

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    Do a little dance

    And that’s all, y’all! You’ll make someone’s day in no time.

Build your own custom Texas Treats gift

All of our classic gift box designs are options for the create your own Texas Treats, as well as two types of market trays. The items that you can add to your box or basket include:

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    Handled with care

    Each of our gift boxes, custom or not, is handmade by Rachel and her team in our store – she ensures that every design is perfect, and every item handled with the utmost care.

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    Nationwide shipping

    Looking to give the perfect gift to a homesick Texan? Want to show a special someone a little Lone Star love? No problem. Texas Treats can ship all over the country.