Wild West Peanut Brittle

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Wild West Peanut Brittle!  Cowgirl Tina tells us that the recipe for Wild West Peanut Brittle dates back as far as 1873. During the long cattle drives on the Chisolm Trail the famous chuckwagon cook (named Peanut - who would da guessed that?) developed a special peanut brittle snack. This snack soon became a favorite among the trail hands who called it "Peanut Brittle"named after their well-loved cook. 


Today we call it Wild West Peanut Brittle to remind us of a time when after a long day on the trail herding longhorns cowhands would sit by the campfire and play the banjo.  They would sing songs under the stars and enjoy delicious Wild West Peanut Brittle!


Experience the taste of the Wild West with our delicious six-ounce box of Texas Peanut Brittle!  Dress up your box of peanut brittle with our optional packaging which includes twine or a ribbon with sherriff's badge!


Wild West Peanut Brittle
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