Hatch Green Chili Mustard

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Green Chile Mustard brings together Hatch green chiles, Mexican lager, and a hint of coriander for a flavor profile straight out of New Mexico and West Texas. The resulting mustard is infectious – once you start eating, you won’t be able to stop! Green Chile Mustard has medium heat from the play of both the mustard and the chiles, which comes on and fades gently, but with more body than a spicy mustard usually provides.

Awesome with sausage or a cheese plate, and nothing short of amazing on a roast beef sandwich. Add a spoonful to some half-and-half for a finishing sauce that will bring pork, chicken or fish to life!

Ingredients: Mustard Seed, Beer, Vinegar, Hatch Green Chile Powder, Salt, Honey, Coriander, Turmeric

Hatch Green Chili Mustard

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