Fantastic Foods You’ll Only Find in Texas

Fantastic Foods You’ll Only Find in Texas

There are so many great things about the state of Texas, I’m sure all of us locals will be the first to admit that our love for Texas runs deep. Between the various event we host, our competitive sports teams, and the friendliest people that in the nation, it’s easy to look past one of the foundation reasons that we are crazy about Texas: the food. As a state there are a few items that we’re known for having, that are either scarcely found, if at all, in any other state. Here are just a few of our favorites.


Some would say that Texas is to barbecue, what Italy is to pizza. Sure you can find barbecue in other places in the U.S., but it is nothing like the tender, juicy, life changing barbeque that we’ve got in Texas. Something that makes it so incredibly unique is the variety that we have to offer. Whether it be a family recipe, the meat that’s smoked to perfection, or a secret ingredient that will never escape the lips of the cook, our barbeque is simply better. One of the items that we do include in a few of our baskets are famous barbeque sauces that are absolutely impossible to find at any other location.


If you’re a fan of the heat that we bring here in Texas, then you know how challenging it can be to find anything that compares elsewhere. That’s why we’ve got a few baskets that are loaded with local chili pepper mixes, chili powder to use when making your own chili, and some incredible hot sauce made from nothing left than the best of Texas. This is the perfect gift for someone that loves a little kick of spice in their meal, is looking for a new flavor to enjoy, or simply loves the bold taste of Texas.


Most successful gigs down here are using family recipes and quality spices to create some of the most colorful and tasty menus in the state. If you love food, then you know that this is the place to travel and enjoy flavors of all types. An item that you can count on finding at Texas Treats, and in many of our gift baskets, are seasonings. From chili powder to gumbo, we have the perfect combinations of seasonings that you can only find here. Each of these have touches of incredible flavors that you can only enjoy in Texas.


Are you nuts about nuts, because we are. While it may not be one of the more well known items that you can get out of the state of Texas, we have a selection of nuts that are locally grown and picked, making them incredibly fresh and the flavors even more bold. For anyone that thinks they’ve experienced the best tasting nuts in the nation, they need to think again. We have a few different types to choose from, but whichever are in the basket are always perfectly paired by flavorings and their compatibility with the other items in the gift basket. You can count on our team to understand what types of flavors are going to be work well together. 

Texas Treats is the only place to look when you’re in search of unique Texas themed gifts. Browse our selection for any occasion that you have coming up and find the perfect gift. You will find all of the fan favorite foods and so much more. Share them with your loved ones or get them for yourselves, but you can count on quality products coming out of our selection.