Big Bit of Texas Gift Basket

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Looking for a Texas Gift Basket that's filled to the brim with Texas goodies? You've found it here!  Our "Big Bit of Texas" Tray is filled with everything from Authentic Texas Tortilla Chips and real Texas Salsa to Texas Caramels and Spicy Snack Mixes!  And there's even more goodies packed in this wicker tray:  Margarita Taffy, Pecans and  spicy snack mix.  The list goes on!  This Texas Gift Basket is perfect to feed an office or a large group of friends!  Bring out the drinks and let the party begin!  Need a little more bang for your buck?  Texas Treats can print your company name or the recipient's name on the salsa and chip labels!

This large black synthetic wicker tray is filled with:

  1. Tortilla Chips (6 oz.)*
  2. Salsa (16 oz.)*
  3. Praline coated Pecan Halves (5.6 oz)
  4. Caramel Bacon Bites (4 oz)
  5. Longhorn Trail Mix (6 oz)
  6. Milk Chocolate Bar in Alamo themed wrapper
  7. Texas Flag Pralines (2 chewy pralines, 1 oz. ea.)
  8. Sweet & Hot Mixed Nuts (6 oz)
  9. Margarita Taffy (8oz)
  10. Yellow Rose of Texas Lemon Drops (4.75oz)
  11. Texas Flag Tin of Mints
  12. Marshmallow Treat




Big Bit of Texas Gift Basket

Product Reviews

Written by undefined on 24th Feb 2016

Group Loved It!

Although I do not know first hand what was in the box or got to experience any of it, I got nothing but compliments from this basket that I sent to a group of people.

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