Austin Snackin' Basket

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The Austin Snackin' Basket, in a keepsake 10 x 8 Texas Flag deco box starts with a 6 oz Lammes Candies Longhorns and a chocolate bar with a wonderful Texas Scene label, Texas Tea variety, Longhorn Trail Mix (6 oz), Longhorn tin of mints and Lammes Texas Two Step candies plus a spicy and sweet granola. This gift basket is a good one to give for almost any occasion such as Hotel Welcome Gifts and VIP Gifts, thank you gifts, and for those you want to entice to move to our famous state capital!


10 x 8 Texas Flag decorated box

Longhorn tin of Breath mints

Longhorn Trail Mix (6 oz) - assorted nuts, pretzels and sesame sticks

Lammes Texas Two Step candies - 1 longhorn one pecan praline

Lammes Texas Scene wrapped milk chocolate bar

Texas Trail Mix (2 oz)

Austin Texas Green Tea

Lammes 6 oz Box of Longhorn Chocolate Caramels

Cornucopia Jalapeno Ranch Popcorn (2 cups)

Whiterock C4 Granola (5 ounce)




Austin Snackin' Basket

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