Wild West Cookies!  Cinnamon Graham Cookies (2 oz.) in Western shapes -- stars  boots  and hats!


It's rumored that the recipe of Wild West Cookies dates back as far as 1873.  During the long cattle drives on the Chisolm Trail the famous chuck wagon cook named Cookie developed a special cinnamon graham snack.  This snack soon became a favorite among the trail hands who called them "Cookies" named after their well-loved cook.


Today we call them Wild West Cookies.  They remind us of a time when after a long day on the trail herding Longhorns Cowhands would sit by the campfire and play the banjo. They would sing songs under the stars and enjoy delicious Wild West Cookies!


Enjoy Wild West Cookies with a cold glass of milk!










2 ounces of cinnamon graham cookies in great western shapes (Texas cowboy boot star) packaged in a matching cowboy-themed box


Also available with matching curling ribbons tied onto the handle for a special presentation!


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Wild West Cookies

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