Where can you find a bait and taco cafe, a real shrunken head, catch catfish by hand, get a trophy for spitting seeds, watch beer being made, play cowboys and Indians using real bullets, eat dead animals while being watched by dead animals, stand in awe at the Toilet Seat Museum (no sitting allowed), observe the sunset in the east, and spend the night in a historic bordello where good looking ghosts roam the hallways? All these and much, more -- Texas Redneck Road Trips will tell you where to go.


Says Glenn Dromgoole in the Bryan-College Station Eagle: "Author Allan C. Kimball invites you to wear your jeans and come along with him to visit the Cathedral of Junk in Austin, the Toilet Seat Museum in Alamo Heights, the Lefty Frizzel Country Music Museum in Corsicana, Col. Bubbie's Strand Surplus Senter in Galveston, the Watermelon Thump in Luling -- more than 50 places altogether. It's not a complete list...but it's a pretty good start toward finding the, uh, more unusual sites in the state."

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Texas Redneck Road Trips

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