Chips and Salsa -- a staple in Texas.  Try Texas Treats favorite Texas Tortilla Chips dipped in our tasty Salsa Roja (8 oz. jar) for a little afternoon pick-me-up.   It's a Texas comfort food!


Welcome your guests to Texas with a little warm Texas hospitality in the form of chips and salsa!  Looking for a great gift for wedding favors? Need to send a quick thank you gift?  Having a snack attack?  Reach for the best Texas Treats Tortilla chips and salsa. 


Need a larger snack?  Authentic Texas Tortilla Chips are also packaged in 6 oz. bags.


Also available with personalized labels (ie: "John's" or "ABC Company").


These chips are fresh, light, crunchy. The salsa is thick and wonderfully tasty. Not to hot and definitely not mild. Both are made right in the heart of Texas from folks who know how to make chips and salsa!

You will want more and more. We get calls quite often from customers searching for our Texas Treats Tortilla Chips and Salsa. They were given a bag at a wedding and had to have more! You will to. We can send as little or as many bags as you would like.

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6oz Texas Treats Tortilla chip with 8oz Salsa Roja 3oz Texas Treats Tortilla chip with 8oz Salsa Roja

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