Our Gulf Coast Gumbo Seasoning Gift Set has the start of a great gumbo meal. You add the broth, meat and any vegetables you like in your gumbo. We add Organic cornbread mix, some candied jalapeno's. hot sauce and cheese straws. To cool down after the meal, we added some praline coated pecan halves and breath mints. This gift set comes in a red keepsake container.


  • Cheese Straws (6 oz)
  • Cornbread Mix (10 oz)
  • Lil Gems Candied Jalapeno's (9 oz)
  • Texas Gumbo Seasoning Mix
  • Crimson Hot Sauce (5 oz)
  • Praline Pecan halves (6 oz)
  • Breath mints
  • Heart of Texas cinnamon hearts (3 oz)



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